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Old Paradians Monthly Lunch: View Response #10,746

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your hatred of Roissy is becoming tedious. It really is. I know you morally object to much of what he writes, but come on. You find a guy who makes a lame attempt at parodying him and trolls his own site under false names (because nobody actually reads it) and you think it’s beyond hilarious and everyone should check it out. Oh please.

Susan Walsh says:
August 13, 2010 at 2:58 pm
1. I don’t believe I’ve ever expressed hatred for Roissy. That would require some level of emotional investment. I disrespect his views. I respect his intelligence and writing ability.
2. If you find me tedious, I give you permission to stop reading me. No hard feelings.
3. I did not find Citizen Gatorade. He found me, and I checked out his blog. I thought it was funny – it’s actually quite well done, IMO. I have no clue as to his traffic, but it looks as if he has just started blogging within the last month or so. Surely Roissy should be flattered!

Reinholt says:
August 13, 2010 at 3:05 pm

Cute strawman argument, but there is a reason I put trustworthiness and responsibility first, not last, and not in the middle. Ignore that as you see fit, of course, but from what I’ve read of you and your blog, I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot barge pole, so my opinion is probably not the most relevant for you at this point, no?

Either way, the point is this: everyone has subjective levels for trust and responsibility that they believe are important; you have to understand what yours are, what those of your partner are, and then live up to them. You also need to know what areas matter the most with regard to trust. Failing to do so will torpedo any LTR that you are in. I’m not going to tell people how to make decisions or live their lives; I am trying to provide them with perspective on what I have seen work and what I have seen fail. Everyone, naturally, is welcome to experiment as they wish.

Also, nothing I have said is an unreasonable expectation. You can disagree with them all you like, but that won’t change my mind. It just means I screen you out. Which, in the end, is part of the point and why I wrote this comment: your decisions and your priorities mean that you always make trade-offs. For the peanut gallery, Poetry is an example of a woman who wouldn’t get a second look from me with regard to a relationship, and you can draw your own conclusions from that.



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