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Old Paradians Monthly Lunch: View Response #11,394

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Craigslist Dating Math: Slut + Lush = Slush 

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In any arguments you get into with social constructivists, esp. regarding DNA , you might point out that they keep discovering new mechanism for genetic information to be transmitted. Within the past month on

How similar the male and female genetic codes are, on average, isn’t really known simply because we obviously haven’t yet figured out all the gene expression systems that exist within the human body.

Replace heteronormative with “seriously, according to your definition of virginity gay men and lesbians are virgins for their entire lives.”

Since this blog is all about the hetero of sex, why bother with this discursiveness, unless you’re trying to make everyone who reads your comments feel guilty about “ignoring” people who aren’t hetero.

“Heteronormative” is a fringe term. I don’t just ignore it — it makes me suspicious of people who use it, and I parse their language carefully even when they’re talking about something else.

In the end, it’s hard to persuade people who harbor suspicions of a hidden agenda.

Good stuff Susan, so many dudes kill their pick up attempt with big goofy smiles.

I began to write a comment to elaborate on this and smiling in general, but it was too long and decided to post up about it.

On the subject of Twilight and Vampires and Sparkles, I’m going to have to disagree with Steph:

139Clarence May 26, 2011 at 10:26 am
I only linked once but for some reason it looks like it linked twice?

Oh well, long as people enjoy :)


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