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Old Paradians Monthly Lunch: View Response #5,322

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Look at the intel community- the people in the field are essentially hired to recruit people to betray their country on our behalf. That in itself is tough enough, but they also have to lie to almost everyone they know and care about. Some would argue that this kind of job requires someone to be a sociopath, which might be true, but I have a great amount of respect for people that do it who AREN’T sociopaths.

Anyway, as far as SEALs, I’ve heard the same. They really embody the warrior-scholar image. Too bad dogsquat’s not around to talk about his experience. I remember reading a while back about “Killology” and all the research that’s gone into how the human psyche reacts to killing.

 223 Ramble January 24, 2012 at 3:44 pm
I’ve heard that attrites from Navy SEALS training tend to be the HS quarterbacks and gym rats. They have the physical prowess but not the mental fortitude.

I remember seeing a documentary on the Navy SEALs and they said that the number one test that prevented men from making it was the “cold water” test.

Basically, they immerse you (with scuba gear) in very cold water for something like 20 minutes. If you come up before the 20, you don’t make it.

 224 Jesus Mahoney January 24, 2012 at 3:45 pm

They’re total narcissists, but rather than take a good, hard look in the mirror they distribute all the blame to others.

You know, it sounds ironic and even paradoxical, but I think that this is likely a problem for most narcissists (inability to self-reflect).

 225 Feminist Ex January 24, 2012 at 3:46 pm
“Tons and tons of these 6’4″ 4.5/40 NFL linebackers are fairly emotional and impulsive. Not all of them, but a whole ton of them are. Now, inasmuch that they are tall, strong, broad shouldered, and fast…they can be very attractive to some girls. But, upon meeting one of them, it could be pretty easy to see that they can be emotional messes.

The one good set of traits tend to go with the one bad set of traits.”


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