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As the anti-smoking trend advances toward the Tokyo Olympics, electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular.

There are many different vape devices from many vape manufacturers, and many people are interested in trying e-cigarettes. I would like to introduce our recommended e-cigarettes in a ranking format, which I hope you will find useful.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a cigarette-shaped inhaler that allows users to inhale vapor flavored and scented with tobacco, mint, fruit, or other flavors.

The inhaler contains a liquid in a cartridge that is heated by a battery and atomized by a device called an atomizer. It is a substitute for cigarettes, and the absence of smoke and nicotine is said to cause less damage to health.

VP One Starter Set

The "VP one Starter Set" is very easy to operate, with a single button to turn it on and off, and a simple operation to vape as well.

The replacement procedure is equally easy and does not require troublesome disassembly.

There are five color options to choose from: black, wine red, silver, gold, and dark gray.

You can also choose from 13 different flavors.

Some of those are non-flavored, for those who don't like theirs scented too much!

As for the weight of the unit, it is not lightweight, so some may find it a bit heavy.

Also, as for the smoke, it produces vapor, but it is more like a thin smoke than a cigarette.


This product's e-cigarette allows you to enjoy Frenbur and get a cool and refreshing feeling.

This product is perfect for those who want to experience frembers.

We recommend this product because it will give you a refreshing feeling and refresh your mind and body.

Frembers are domestically produced and come in a variety of flavors, including Muscat, Strong Menthol, Sweet Strawberry, and Hard Blast Menthol.

For those who want to feel refreshed, we recommend the menthol type for a refreshing stimulus.

For those who want to enjoy a sweeter mood, fruit-based menthols are recommended.

For those who want to enjoy a mature mood, crystal mint coffee is a good choice.

The vapor volume is high, and the amount of vapor can be adjusted with the air control, so you can find the amount that suits you best.

Frienbr CLOUD17

Unlike conventional recettable e-cigarettes, the "Frienbr CLOUD17" does not require you to refill your own recettes.

The recycle kit itself is a dedicated cartridge that can be simply replaced.

Until now, e-cigarettes have generally required the user to insert the re-kits into an atomizer tank, which can lead to problems such as leakage and deterioration or damage to the atomizer tank.

However, with the Frienbr CLOUD17, the dedicated cartridge doubles as an atomizer, eliminating the need to worry about leaks or damage.

In addition, the dedicated cartridge itself has a large capacity, and is recommended for those who want to smoke many times with explosive specifications.

Furthermore, the battery capacity is 1700 mAh compared to the 650 mAh capacity of most e-cigarettes, so you can avoid the problem of not being able to use the device due to lack of battery power.


VP MAGIC" is a recircuit type e-cigarette that contains 0 mg of nicotine and tar, which is effective in terms of health and smoking cessation.

Not only the effect, but also the specifications and design as an electronic cigarette are solid. Although the heating coil is usually fixed to one resistance, it can be set arbitrarily by the variable resistance.

This means that the amount of smoke can be adjusted, satisfying even those who are not satisfied with the lack of smoke from a recircuit type e-cigarette.

The design is also good, and is closer to the traditional Japanese smoking pipe (kiseru) than to the image of a cigarette.

Therefore, they are fashionable and can be easily used by women.

The electronic cigarette can be used in accordance with one's own preference, and the admisers are also compatible with menthol, which is recommended for those who are considering e-cigarettes.

Ecigator Sticky

The Ecigator Sticky vape starter kit is a healthy and economical choice as a good-for-you cigarette.

Of course, this product contains no nicotine or tar.

There are two types of designs: the basic series, which is low-priced yet luxurious, and the premium series, which is the most luxurious of the best.

Two flavors are available: "Natural Flavor" and "Mint Flavor," which resemble cigarettes.

The smoke is composed of water vapor, and the aroma is aromatic, so there is no odor, yellowing, or second-hand smoke.

In addition, thanks to the "auto joint function," which is the most distinctive feature of this product and for which a patent is planned to be applied for, when connecting to a battery, simply pull it close and it will automatically connect with the force of a magnet, and disconnection can be done with a single touch.

Ecigator is one of the well-known vape brands spun off from Giftsoar Technology Co., Ltd, it’s an ISO-certified disposable vape factory for OEMs, ODMs, and OBM since 2010. The founder team comes from top firms with more than 10 years of experience in the vaping industry and has devoted thousands of hours to providing users with a better and better experience.


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