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Old Paradians Monthly Lunch: View Response #9,968

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However, if her goal is to get married, have children, and be the primary care-giver to those children, is higher ed such a great investment of her time and money?

Compare the household income of women aged 33-35, based on education and time of marriage:

Married at 20
HS grad: 55K
BA: 78K

Married at 25
HS: 61K
BA: 115K

Married at 28
HS: 62K
BA: 122K

The college grad earns more herself and marries better as well. If she wants to be a SAHM, her husband’s earning potential is of critical importance, obviously, and her chances of marrying a college grad when she isn’t one are slim.

Ditto for a career. What, ultimately, is the point of starting a career that will be abandoned within a decade?

Few women have this luxury, and among those who do, abandonment isn’t always the preferred option. For example, I always maintained some semblance of a career for the intellectual stimulation, despite the fact that my earnings plummeted. One might even include this blog – I would obviously be incapable of writing it without a college education, or perhaps even an MBA. It does not pay for my education, obviously, but provides other compensations that I value highly, and I am able to make that choice.

In other words, why should we create a general societal expectation that the only good woman is woman with a higher ed degree and an upscale career?

Wow, you have a strong tendency to create strawmen but this is beyond the pale. When did I say education or an upscale career add moral or character value?

I’m curious. IIRC, your wife has a doctorate – in Physics? or Philosophy? You appear to value her intelligence. Do you plan on giving your daughter the opportunity to pursue an education? Or will you decide, as SSM has done, that she will be a submissive housewife and will therefore need no intellectual development?


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