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A200 Design your Own App

An App is an 'App Design' (which can be anything at all, for example, a humble template you may have been using for years in MS Word or MS Excel) imported into Frontline Apps using our 'App Creator'.
For example, the Tenants Funds Management App, the Communication Book App and the Residential Statement App.
Major Org-specific Apps we have configured under this model include OHS and WorkCover Apps.
Both Fully-featured and Transition* Apps are quoted in two parts: (1) Purchase of the App Creator on licence; (2) Adaptation of the App Creator to an App Design. Additional hosting costs are applicable in rare situations, usually, for web-based apps that require dedicated hosting.
*For those orgs that prefer to evolve their Apps in a live environment, allowing them to get up and running pretty much immediately, adding additional features as they go along