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About Us
Frontline Resourcing has been delivering projects to the human services sector, specialising in disability services, since 1999. A key to its service is a range of business systems and apps that it supplies to the sector, both in government and non-government, including household brands such as RosterCoster (since 1993) and Frontline Apps (since 2001). Features of our services include:
  • Within the context of best practice rostering being all about outcomes, and as a consequence of this, being all about being expert in our field, we are the industry benchmark for end-to-end rostering in human services, and in particular, disability services.

  • Our team has been deeply integrated in best practice rostering in disability services and beyond since 1993, and we enjoy continued growth in this core area of our business.

  • We are human services professionals backed by software professionals, and not the other way around. As a result, our software is a direct, purpose-built response to coal-face human services needs, with which our team has been heavily integrated at all levels since the early 1980s.

  • We offer genuine best practice. We are at human services coal face on a daily basis, and as such, we reflect real practices in real time. For us, best practice is not just a heading that is all too easy to simply type at the top of an essentially local practice document.

  • We have valued long term customers, which use our systems widely, including the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) since 1999, and the DHHS-funded sector since 2002.

  • Our team, a unique mix of disability services and software professionals that has been heavily involved with disability services in the State of Victoria and beyond since the early 1980s.

  • For the purposes of noting that we are pleased to respond to RFQs away from our core business delivering projects to the human services sector, we note that Frontline Resourcing is a Microsoft Partner and that, for example, we were engaged by Microsoft (and then later, DHHS) for remediation services from 2015 to 2017 in a major upgrade from Windows XP / Office 2003 to Windows 8.1 / Office 2010.

  • Our team is tight-knit and has been working together for many years (some of us, for decades). This includes our valued business partnerships and alliances such as with Direct Project Solutions, Hawk Computing, Shifting Nirvana and Net Dynamics. These alliances bring unique skill and experience sets to your project "as-needed" (our allies are not brought onto a project unless and until there is a specific need, keeping our overheads and costs low), while at the same time maintaining excellent risk management of knowledge.

  • Our applications supply, hosting and development model has been tried, tested and evolved for more than a decade to meet, in an affordable, practical way, the requirements of a wide range of accommodation services both large (800+ locations including data attached to closed locations) and small (< 10 locations).

    For information about these and other features of our services, please feel free to contact us at any time using the links at the top of this page.

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