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Hi [Insert Name]
Thank you for your enquiry about RosterCoster.
A comment before I get down to the detail: please note that on certain "getting started" modules mentioned below, we can have you up and running and using inside a day or two, with no risk on those timelines or the deliverables (tried and tested over a very large number of group home for many years).
We have had RosterCoster in the sector now for more than 20 years, and have found that different CSOs (and different areas of DHS, too) have always had very different needs, and it looks like this will always be the case (the differences are actually increasing, if anything).
Nevertheless, typically, a CSO's needs boil down to four steps:
  • [STEP 1] "Setting Core Rosters" prior to the start of a financial year, and basing budgets on these - DHS Disability, for example, uses us for this across all its group homes; through to
  • [STEP 2] "Setting Posted Rosters at the start of each Fortnight" - DHS Secure Services (Youth Justice etc.), for example, uses us for this, and RosterCoster (deliberately looks "exactly" like a typical paper roster, and prints out like that too) auto-emails [STEP 3] an eTimesheet (deliberately looks "exactly" like a typical paper timesheet, and prints out like that too) to rostered staff, which comes back to managers in electronic form; through to
  • [STEP 4] Managing Rosters DURING the fortnight - DHS Secure Services uses us for this, as well, see
Most places have always used us for only one or two of these steps (usually, the ones that other rostering systems can't better us on - we'll describe how and why, when we speak), and some other rostering software takes over for the others, with us auto-feeding (which we can do) whatever step we have covered into the other rostering system.
From our discussions, it appears that your organisation could do with one or more of the following:
  • We do STEP 1 and no need to feed that into Your Rostering System* ("YRS") (if anything, you would feed this into your budget v. expenditure software, or get us to provide that as well)
  • We do STEP 2  and feed that into YRS (if they let us; most do) and let YRS take over from there to manage the during-the-fortnight rostering variations.
  • We do STEP 2 and STEP 3, and you feed STEP 3 into YRS, and let YRS take over from there to pay staff.
  • We do STEP 4 (I note YRS is already doing STEP 4 for you)
Can I suggest I ring to discuss the above to isolate what you specifically want, and then narrow down the attached to that?
In the meantime, I offer the attached (which are standard template quotations) as a first cut of a quotation, towards what you want.
Kind regards
Damien Ryan-Green or Claude Staub