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Login as a Project Manager (LPM)
Login as a Project Manager is the home page for the project management component of our project with you.
Our project team (and our software), which supports not only you, but also our team of coders and consultants, is sitting behind all the links below 24/7. We row, you steer: good governance without the grind.
Need a password, or to change anything about the content below? Email
See also: your Stakeholder Reference Group (Coordination of Rollouts and Change Requests, QA and Continuous Improvement)
'Get the words right, and the software will follow. Don't, and it won't.'
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Adams, Nanette (RosterCoster, Able Australia)

Battley, Jan (RosterCoster, DHS SWS)

Bergen, Steve (Jandapac Ops)

Birkin, Ray (RosterCoster, DHS YJCS)

Braybrook, Shaun (RosterCoster, DOJ WNLP)

Burns, Paula (RosterCoster, IDVC)

Casey, Matthew* (OHS, DHS DSD)

Clarke, Prue (RosterCoster, DHS SWS)

Dalgleish, Peter (FrontlineApps and FrontlineRoster, NSS)

Davies, Mike (RosterCoster, DHS YJCS)

Deak, Andrew (RosterCoster, OnTrack)

Elias, Nikki (WorkCover, DHS SMR/NWR)

Galbraith, Doug (RosterCoster, DHS YJCS)

George, Tracey (RosterCoster, DHS YJCS)

Ghantous, Faten (RosterCoster, DHS Hume DAS)

Gibson, Margaret (RosterCoster, SJOGA)

Giuliano, Mark (RosterCoster, DHS DFATS)

Hao, James (RosterCoster, Able Australia)

Hogg, Ben (RosterCoster, LS)

Hutchins, Neil (RosterCoster, Berry Street)

Kannegiesser, Steve (RosterCoster, DHS YJCS)

Kent, Theshia (WorkCover, DHS SMR/NWR)

Kidd, Dean (FrontlineApps, LS)

Kidd, Dean (RosterCoster, LS)

Kugler, Rita (RosterCoster, OnTrack)


La Mendola, Lena (RosterCoster, DHS SWS)

Lo Bello, Daniela (RosterCoster, DHS NWR)

Long, Mara (RosterCoster for DHS HF)

Lutter, Sally (FrontlineApps, DHS EMR)

Manzie, Roxanne (FrontlineApps, DHS DSD)

Morton, Tania (Strategy)

Munro, Karen (RosterCoster, DHS SWS)

Newell, Alicia (FrontlineApps, MCM)

Ng, David (RosterCoster, Able Australia)

Paule, Bruce (WorkCover, DHS SMR/NWR)

Reato, Bruno (RosterCoster, DHS DSD)

Staub, Claude (Jandapac Ops)

Staub, Claude (RosterCoster, Shifting Nirvana)

Thauvette, Eric (RosterCoster, Hartley Lifecare)

Thomas, Guy (FrontlineRoster, Supply)

Tiernan, Christine (Jandapac Ops)

Tran, Danni (RosterCoster, Berry Street)

Trkic, Mandy (WorkCover, DHS SMR/NWR)

Trovato, Jennifer (RosterCoster, LS)

Voll, Nathan (RosterCoster, DOJ WNLP)

Younie, Gail (FrontlineApps and FrontlineRoster, NSS)

            *Lead for Frontline Apps