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R100 TimeTarget RosterCoster Alliance

This product is essentially TimeTarget as the software, with RosterCoster offering support if and when you need that, to add the value of its twenty year history in the Disability Services Sector and beyond.
It is also about end to end rostering from assessment of rostering need through to paying staff, reviewing client outcomes, and then looping back to the start again.
The holistic rostering system includes Greenfield Rosters generated by Business Rules, Establish Startup Rosters, Core Rosters and Annual Cost Projections Process, Posted Rosters Batched Online for Availability and Shift Replacement, Time and Attendance via Biometrics, Worked Rosters Batched to Payroll for Staff Payments, and Greenfield v. Core v. Worked Rosters Reports and Performance Management.
"TimeTarget is a market leading Workforce Management, Time and Attendance and Rostering solution. It allows you to streamline and automate your processes to reduce your costs and eliminate time consuming and error prone manual activities. It is a robust and easy to use solution with many unique features that are all designed to enable you to focus on your core business ..." Click here for more information.
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RosterCoster and Best Practice Rostering
fRosterCoster Logo (10).jpg
RosterCoster adds a layer of value for Disability Services best summarised in our Best Practice (BP) Rostering Folder.
Or, digging a little deeper, at Maximise Outputs v. Inputs.
The term 'best practice' reflects the fact that we are out at the coal face across multiple organisations on a daily basis, and not just in rostering: we are embedded in all aspects of assurance of client outcomes.
And we distil the best ideas into our products, as part of our commitment to improving the quality of rostering in 'our sector', that is, Disability Services.
But above all, we are a team of human services professionals, continuously and closely integrated with the Department of Human Services Victoria DHS and its funded sector since 1984, that key period in the lead up to the landmark IDPS Act 1986.
Roster Planning and Review
In a nutshell, our Roster Planning and Review process is as follows:
  • A healthy tension between your Allocations and your Client Need Greenfield Rosters drive your Annually Projected Core Rosters, which in turn drive your fortnightly Start of Fortnight Posted Rosters, which in turn drive your End of Fortnight Worked Rosters.

  • Then, in turn, the reality of your Worked Rosters might lead you to review your Posted Rosters, which in turn might lead you to review your Core Rosters, which might in turn lead you to review your Greenfield Rosters, which might in turn lead you to review your Allocations.