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A100 Intensive Single Day Workshop

Weighing up your options regarding what you want to move on first, or next?
Or has your change process become stalled at a 'hump' that, even though you know exactly what needs to be done next, it's something that you just can't get to, due perhaps to competing priorities?
If so, we recommend our 'Intensive Single Day Workshop', which gets a manager over a hump, and off and running again with the broader change process.

Features and Benefits
Planning and Change Processes, while vital, can be long and complex processes.
Within the context of these broader processes, we have found that from time to time, a Change Process needs a short, sharp 'boost'.
For us, that boost is an Intensive Single Day Workshop (includes next-day write up, professionally presented in a consistent format - this document tends to maintain its value for a long time, as a resource).
The hump could be anything, and so, the Workshop can be anything. But the key thing is that in almost all cases, it's not what the hump 'is' that's the problem. Almost always, the manager knows exactly what needs to be done. It's just that he or she can't get to it, perhaps due to competing priorities.
A workshop convened by an independent external often has other benefits too: humps are not always due to managers simply being too busy. For example, There may be good political and practical benefits in getting an external to pull together a mathematically good set of rosters, or a technically good set of business rules, that can be put on the table for discussion, leaving the door open for further manager-staff negotiations beyond the maths.
Without this sort of boost, sometimes draft ideas circulate for months and even years, and an organisation never gets to feel that feeling of 'milestone clearly passed'.
Examples of the workshops that we have been called in to convene in the past include:
  • Create, in a single day, a skeleton of a basic TWR Package. Create a road map of 'where to from here', and a workflow map of how the various systems (there are always so many!) and people in an organisation might link together seamlessly.

  • Have what we call in our work with DHS a Roster Day - the doors shut, all phones off, and all managers focused on pulling together, in a single day, a best-possible snapshot-as-of-now set of rosters.
Our experience in this is that it's amazing how much you can achieve in a single day, if the day is well prepared, well convened, and professionally documented immediately afterwards.
$1,411 Flat Rate.
All amounts quoted by Frontine Resourcing, suppliers of Frontline Apps and RosterCoster, include GST. Our indexation applies on July 1 each year tied to the best rate available at project start with respect to the rate that DHS is indexing its funded sector. Cost of travel & accom. applies if further than 120km from Melbourne CBD (most customers prefer to book this using own corporate travel & accom. suppliers).