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Product Brochure for 'Add On' Apps
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The FrontlineApps 'niche' is that it is able to host customer-end designs. This means that a manager can have exactly what a manager wants.
N.b. If you are using a pre-existing App created by another manager, it is possible that you now 'want' something that the previous manager didn't. In fact, depending on urgency and budget constraints, the other manager may well have gone no further than 'data in', and not even created reports or user manuals. For most Apps (not all!), there is room for you to create 'add-ons' to meet your needs, for example, a new report, or a user manual. Feel free to explore the following links.
Example 1 - Views
In this example, the app designer has included a key feature in the original scope.
A 'View' is to FrontlineApps what a 'Query' is to MS Access. Once created, it can be used to create 'Reports'.
Our flagship example of this is an OHS App we are building for DHS. The App Designer has included Views that can be read by the DHS standard for reporting, the Corporate Reporting Tool (CRT), for the specific purpose of OHS reporting.
Example 2 - Reports
In this example, 'App tailoring' was excluded from the original scope.
DHS has supplied its Residential Statement App to the funded sector free of charge. However, it would be impracticable on a technical or any other level for DHS to tailor that App to the local needs of each CSO individually.
As such, the App is supplied free 'as is', and if a CSO wants anything additional as an 'add on', then the CSO can arrange that via the links on this page.
Example 3 - Apps
Conversion of designs and standalone templates into Apps
Press 'Back' above, and every link was previously a design or a standalone template that has been converted into an app.
A new app can be ordered via the links on this page.