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FAQ: A staff member will be working multiple locations in one shift - how do I log that?


Comment: as far as your payroll system is concerned, the person is most likely charged against a single location, even if he or she is working in multiple locations.

In which case, the default response is:


Log the person against a single location, and type in the 'Notes' box that pops up the other locations he or she is working in, as well.


Having said that, one organisation we know came up with a novel idea. The org has just two units 'Unit A' and 'Unit B', but has created four 'locations' as follows:

  • Unit A only
  • Unit A (also working in Unit B)
  • Unit B only
  • Unit B (also working in Unit A)

Then, when it cross references with payroll, it combines the first two to get a report on 'Unit A', and the second two to report on 'Unit B'