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Good Frontline v. Bad Frontline
Subject: RosterCoster Ref. Group: DISCUSSION TOPIC - When it comes to $$$, there are TWO Frontlines, a GOOD Frontline and a BAD Frontline

See below, [excerpt only] from a meeting I was at today ...

... is where the big $$$ savings are to be found*

*I.e. the current ... focus is on 'Frontline' staff needing to be protected from various budget cuts, which is great ... but we in rostering perceive TWO Frontlines:

1. The 'good frontline', the client contact hours, which need to be protected; and

2. The 'bad frontline', the overtime, the agency, the wrong rosters and all the other aspects of rostering where the 'real' $$$ savings are to be found...

We're hoping that there in no let-up in the attack on the latter ...

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Damien Ryan-Green, Manager Products and Projects