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C120 Core and / or Posted Roster Shift Entry


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About RosterCoster Shift Entry


For many organisations, drafting up Posted Rosters in RosterCoster files (our high-tech MS Excel template) before the start of each 4-week period is a convenient option. 


We created the first version of this in 1993 and it has been widely used by approximately 1,000 accommodation settings Australia-wide for at least the last twenty years. One reason for its success is that it requires no training to use it. So long as a user knows how to save Excel into a folder, the user can use this tool. The fact that they are high tech behind the scenes makes no difference.


Many organisations also use this tool to draw up other types of rosters, for example, Greenfield Rosters, Core Rosters and Draft Rosters.


See also: C140 Core Roster Annual Projections.