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C140 Core Roster Annual Projections


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In the 1990s, we reverse-engineered this product from the actual expenditure of approximately 800 disability accommodation services (the largest sample size possible at the time) to calculate, among other things, unit prices for different types of service. It has been continuously tested and cross checked in more than 1,000 settings over a period of more than two decades and has been continuously improved and maintained during that time by our coding team.


The Bigger Picture on Cost Projections

The bigger picture on the RosterCoster Cost Projection App is Best Practice (BP) Rostering. BP Rostering is where the real cost savings are to be found: Worked Rosters that are MEASURED AGAINST:

  • A DATABASE OF BUSINESS RULES (some of which can be forced by software).

And BP Rostering is also where better service delivery is to be found, but that for another day. And finally, it’s also about connecting into what all the other orgs are up to … that’s pretty much what the term Best Practice means.

No Time for Best Practice Rostering Right Now?

This is no surprise. The non-rostering, non-cost-savings compliance and other expectations on managers are so much more onerous than when we at RosterCoster were line managers in human services back in the 1990s.

Our solution is this product and the VALIDATED costing tool that goes with it. It is an excellent easy win short form version of BP Rostering. Critically, an organisation then takes ownership and control of the assumptions and parameters behind RosterCoster’s cost projections. And in doing so:

  • Discovers that certain cost saving initiatives start to drive themselves home pretty much immediately (when a manager is asked to type a glaring inefficiency against one of the costing parameters, he or she might decide ‘no, before I do, I’m going to create an initiative to avoid putting such a figure down on paper’); and
  • Gives itself enough ammunition to defend its annual costings against all-comers, and to assert that the projections that you create are ‘accurate’.

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