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RosterCoster User Manuals [EDIT VIEW]
Welcome to our 'Edit View' for User Manual Content Control Managers.
This page allows you to, for example, tailor the standard 'welcome letter to staff' on the first page of some user manuals so that it comes from you (with your logo), and not us.
For many organisations, this is more appropriate: we do not want any perception that RosterCoster has any role in hiring your staff!
If you would like to give this a try, experiment by simply changing a logo. Click on any link below (handy tip: pick the organisation that is most similar to your own!), and an MS Word version of the user manuals seen under the links User Manuals will open (perhaps after a few warnings from your local IT about security when opening MS Word documents).
Change the logo, then email the file* to and see it appear within 48 hours at User Manuals, for the convenience of your staff.

*N.b. All the links below open MS Word 2003 files. We ask that you do not save these in a later version of MS Word, in order to not get ahead of DHS (which is on MS Word 2003) in particular. You 'may' find that you have certain types of user manuals from other orgs, if that other org has been generous with their templates ...
Content Control
User Manuals [MS Word 2003]
Damien Ryan-Green*

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Ray Birkin, Steve Kannegiesser
Daniela Lo Bello
Prue Clarke
Mara Long
Berry Street
Richard Burnside
Lifestyle Solutions Jennifer Trovato

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*Acknowledgements: Many of our user manuals have been adapted from templates originally created by Daniel Zuzic of DHS. Further, Danni Tran, previously at Berry Street, made significant enhancements.